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HCCREMS has a long history in working with local government on sustainability issues. Since 2004 we have implemented an ongoing Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) program, and in 2008 were able to incorporate this within a broader sustainability program incoprorating climate change adaptation, WSUD, energy reduction, facilities management, natural asset management and community engagement. Major outcomes from this program are provided below.


Project Description

Community Awareness - Energy Efficiency

HCCREMS delivered a number of community awareness and engagement projects focusing on energy efficiency. The Home Energy Reduction program was delivered over 4 years and comprised:
  •  Home Energy Reduction Kits: these comprised a carry bag, household appliance energy meter, instruction booklet, and comprehensive Home Energy Reduction Guide. The kits could be borrowed through the region's 62 council libraries throughout the region by households wanting to assess and reduce their energy use.
  •  Free Community Workshops delivered through the “It’s Better in Your Hip Pocket” campaign. These events provided residents with demonstrations, access to energy reduction specialists, as well as ‘take home’ information to assist with making energy smart purchases and implementing energy savings strategies in the home.
In 2013 the “It’s Better in Your Hip Pocket” Household Guide was updated and is available from our resource library.

Rainwater Tank Maintenance

Research conducted by Councils found that a majority of new home owners had installed rainwater tanks as part of their BASIX requirements, but did not understand how to maintain the tanks and ensure they are working efficiently.  In response, HCCREMS with the assistance of Lake Macquarie City Council, has created a number of video resources to assist home owners to correctly maintain their rainwater tanks.

Rural Residential Living

The Rural Residential Living website is designed specifically for people living on rural residential properties. It brings together in one central location a range of useful information and resources to assist landowners sustainably enjoy the rural lifestyle they have chosen and to achieve the personal goals set for their property. It covers a range of topics including property planning; pest, weed, soil and water management; attracting wildlife; raising livestock; keeping horses; fencing and growing your own food.

Tracks & Trails

HCCREMS and member councils are working collaboratively on the development of a regionally consistent mapping product that includes the following:
  • Walking Trails
  • Bicycle Trails, including:
    • Single track type trails
    • Group riding trails
    • Mountain bike trails (cross country type, downhill trails etc)
  • Bicycle nodes, including:
    • BMX tracks
    • short track
    • downhill trail
    • kate park facilities
  • Bridal trails (including nodes such as pony clubs and equestrian facilities)
  • Canoe and kayaking trails
For further details on the project please email hccrems@huntercouncils.com.au