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Make Your Research Count
Council staff across most departments implement and commission research on a regular basis.
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Managing Unreasonable Complainant Conduct
Unreasonable conduct by complainants can take up an inordinate amount of an organisation’s time and resources.
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Chairing Effective Meetings
Meetings play an important role in the management of all organisations and are an essential part of good corporate governance.
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Swimming Pool Assessments, Compliance and Safety Awareness
This two day course will provide participants with an in depth understanding of the recent changes to swimming pool legislation and the roles and responsibilities of Council and Accredited Certifiers.
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Environmental Assessment and Approvals
Many activities carried out by Councils and public authorities require some form of environmental assessment and in many cases a number of approvals may be required before work can be lawfully carried out.
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Plain English Writing
Plain English is a term for communication styles that emphasise clarity, brevity and the avoidance of technical language - particularly in relation to official government communication.
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Building in Bushfire Prone Areas
This one-day course will improve understanding of the Bushfire requirements associated with the submission and assessment of new dwelling applications.
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Forums for building a heat resistant community
HCCREMS is convening four sub regional forums to raise awareness of the very real and significant impacts of heatwaves, and to identify priorities and practical actions for reducing the effects of heat waves

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